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Most slot games are loaded with shiny images or fluffy characters, but more and more licensed slot titles are arriving in our catalogue every week. Here’s a few of the famous faces currently available in Wild Spins’ slot site:


Want to make your online slot experience that extra bit wilder? Why not try these alternate names for slot games!

In Australia or New Zealand, when looking for a slot machine, you’ll have to ask about the pokies. Slots in the country are called poker machines, usually shortened to pokies, and can usually be found in hotels and bars around the country. Of course, pokies are a common feature of Australian casinos too!

Of course, in England, slot games are typically referred to as fruit machines, due to the fruit symbols that appear on the reels. Fruit machines can be shortened to ‘fruities’, and can still be found in pubs across the country. Casino slot machines tend to be a bit more advanced nowadays, but some players still enjoy the thrill of a classic fruit machine.

Meanwhile, up in Scotland, fruit machines are sometimes called puggys. A puggy is slang for a machine that dispenses real cash, so ATMs are often referred to as puggys nowadays too. Still, while visiting a Scottish casino, you may come across players looking to play the puggys.

And while online slots don’t come with a lever, you could always refer to them as one-armed bandits. This traditional name has been applied to slot machines for years, and though it doesn’t technically work, you could still apply it to our online slot games today!