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Become a casino VIP at Wild Spins

Being a casino VIP feels great, and at Wild Spins, our VIPs are made to feel like superstars. After becoming a VIP, you’ll be treated to plenty of extra rewards, like loyalty spins and a dedicated VIP manager who will serve as your point of contact with us.

How do you become a VIP? Well, VIP membership at Wild Spins is invite only, meaning there are no real requirements. If you’re a loyal player who has played at Wild Spins regularly for a few months, you’ll probably qualify! All VIP invites are sent out by email, so make sure your details are kept up to date in your account. Don’t miss out on your special VIP invite!


While some slot sites might have complex or confusing terms attached to their VIP programmes, we like to keep things simple at Wild Spins. There’s no special conditions or minimum deposit amounts required to become a casino high roller at Wild Spins - here’s a few myths about our programme that we’d like to clear up!

  • I need to make a huge first deposit to qualify for VIP Membership - Not true! In fact, more and more of our VIP players started out with a small first deposit to test the Wild Spins waters before diving in. There's no minimum or recommended deposit amount to become a VIP - just play within your means, stay loyal to the site, and we'll find you when the time is right!
  • I need to play every day to qualify for VIP Membership - Daily play has never and will never be a requirement to become a VIP slots player. Being a regular player at Wild Spins simply means checking back with the site on your own schedule. If you make a single deposit and then venture off into the unknown, you're probably not going to become a VIP (and even if you did, it would be fairly pointless). If you deposit and play regularly (even if it's once a month), your loyalty will be proven, and we'll reward you with a special VIP invite!
  • I need to play specific games to become a VIP - VIP players come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and few players will share favourite games. Your VIP status will not be judged on your game history - just play whatever you enjoy!
  • I can lose VIP status if I have a big win - Your VIP membership will never be affected by your wins or your losses. All VIPs are treated equally, and once you are registered as a VIP, you will not lose that status, unless you request it or are found to be cheating in some way.